Rock Your Friends,

Not the Boat

FreeStyle equals family fun and freedom. No longer do you have to drive all day to enjoy activities out on the water. Quick easy install for fun that will last all day.

Dive more freely with Freestyle!


Seconds To Install

& Easy to Store

Quick installation and removal. Snap into place and twist brackets tight.

Freestyle stores quickly and safely in your boat’s hatch, hull or other small space. Brackets detach for more compact storage.

Tested-3 point, padded, pressure clamping system to ensure safety for your platform and boat.



Freestyle has safety features such as padded edges, slip proof board, enclosed spring and rounded edges.

It has a 3 point secure clamping system and is durable. It supports a wide weight range, so small children up to young adults can enjoy it safely up to 150lbs

Freestyle comes in blue, gray or black so you can order this cool new boat accessory to match your boat.

Kid Tested &


This was developed with 3 active little boys in mind. We love being out on the water, but love a little down time too. Freestyle keeps the fun going and keeps the kids entertained.

The kids are on the swim platform lined up to jump, while parents are lounging and hanging out in the rest of the boat. Close enough to supervise but far enough away to relax and not get splashed.

Make a Splash

Mom can relax and get sun in her seat, while the family freestyles to beat the heat.

Dad can be worry free without permanent alterations to the boat. He can grab his Coors or Whiteclaw and go float.

We’ve all been cooped up way too long. This summer, break free with Freestyle.

How It Works?

Freestyle takes away the fuss and puts you a mere moments away from diving, jumping and flipping fun.

Simply place the board on platform according to instruction manual. Insert brackets into base of the board, secure pins, adjust and tighten brackets and you’re ready to hit the water.

Loosen clamps, pull the pins, remove brackets and be on your way. Then bring it out again for another fun-filled day!

Dive From Anywhere

Whether you want to install your new, hip diving board on a ski boat, pontoon, houseboat, cabin cruiser, or motor yacht, Freestyle has you covered!

Only Good Times

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